The interior of the BOOKMOBILE was designed and fabricated
by New York-based design collective FREECELL

Bookmobile Tour

In 2001 and 2002, the bookmobile toured throughout North America visiting a variety of venues. While on tour, members of the collective, along with volunteer tour guides, presented the anual collecion along with a series of artist talks and workshps.

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Drive Slowly, Appear Quickly

The preview exhibition for the projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project opened it's doors to the public in January 2001 at Space 1026 gallery in Philadelphia PA. The show featured a juried collection of bookworks as well as a host of artist talks, workshops, and video screenings. The following images show are a sample of the works exhibited and the BOOKMOBILE installation at Space 1026.

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Bound: books make better friends

The Bookmobile project was inspired by an exhibition entitled Bound... books make better friends which took place at Concordia University's VAV Gallery in 1998. The following images were taken from that show and represent some of the book works which were exhibited.
The quality and diversity of the book works submitted will continue and expand with the Bookmobile project.

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